Bose QC35II Customizer

A digital experience that allows music lovers to customize their Bose QC35II headphone hardware


Digital, Branding,



Digital, Branding, Concept


Work produced at Deloitte Digital

ECD, Creative Director, ACD, Snr Designer, Motion Designer, Engagment Manager


Work produced at Deloitte Digital

ECD, Creative Director, ACD, Snr Designer, Motion Designer, Engagment Manager



Color your sound

Increase brand engagement and to promote the QC35 II headphone. Customers were not aware they were able to color customize headphones as the old tool was not fully integrated into the .com. The clients also wanted to promote the in-store display. 


Concept and Redesign

To our hearts, Tiffany & Co. is simply an impression, a feeling. Exemplary brands balance the practical and the emotional. We must demand the same from the digital customter experience.

Ask each one of your customers what Tiffany & Co. means to them—how they might define luxury, heritage, the moment, of giving, and of receiving—and each will have a different answer.

to take on the challenges of a reimagined experience that is mobile first, targeted towards multiple facets of relevance, and simple in its ease and transparency.



Insights and Opportunities


Guide Customers

Crush the paradox of choice with well curated sets
and stories

Create a landing experiences with multiple drive
points to customization experience

Design mobile-first interfaces

Using influencers to inspire and
be inspired

Share these narratives via a strong social program to drive interest and engagement

i.e Fashion influences, Sporting influencers (Team)

Customization becomes part of core brand experience across multiple channels

Improve custom experience through advance user interface

eg. Augmented reality,



Customer interaction journey

We mapped out two user journeys based on the general customer flow. 

Color customization at key entry points will entice and inspire people to personalize their own

An enhanced customization experience will enable users to create and experiment and will match the premium position of the Bose brand

Robust sharing and library functionality on the site and in social will extend the color customization story and continue to entice and connect new customers

AR Studies

Proof of concept

Simplify Experience Architecture

Develop customizer as a standalone experience that works seamlessly across devices.

Merchandise Customized Headphones as Inspiration

Place Bose pre-configurations, or influencer-customized headphones across select areas of the .com and in social.

Create a Premium
Customizer Experience

Design the interactions and motion elements of the customizer experience to fit the premium nature of Bose.


Design Outcome

With the release of the new Bose QC35 Headphone color customizer there was a dramatic increase in online sales by 40% and instore visits. Working closely with a 3D artist and developer to impliment AR capabilities the new feature has now become an integral and fun way to market the iconic headphones.


Design Exploration

Forget one size ts all. We believe that infinite sizes fit infinite possibilities. To produce designs from being fixed, static, passive, general, detached to modular, dynamic, engaging, personal, connected.

Personal & Attentive

We envision a personalized, customer experience for every Tiffany customer — new & familiar, gifter & self-gifter, millennial to boomer, self-service to high-touch.

We aim to create a digital customer experience that as persoanalized and rewarding as workign with an Sales Associate in store.

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